Monday, August 31, 2020

8/31/2020 Basketball Fantasy Picks


  •  High Cost Pick: $11,300 James Harden PG/SG
    • Personally, I wouldn't take a high cost pick today. If you're in love with grabbing an All Star though, I would take Harden over Giannis today. Harden wants to end this series and is going to push to close it out tonight. Giannis is going to have his hands full with Miami's defense and I'm sure their goal is to shut down Giannis and make the rest of the Bucks score.
      • Expect Harden to get around 55-60 fantasy points tonight.

  • Middle Tier: $8,200 Chris Paul
    • This is going to be a battle tonight. Chris Paul really really realllly doesn't want to lost to the Rockets. He was traded to the Thunder because they thought they had a better chance with Russ over him. That is all the motivation he needs. I would expect Chris Paul to have a huge game tonight to push this to a game 7.
      • Expect Chris to put up 50 fantasy points today.

  • Budget Pick: $3,500 Andre Iguodala  SG/SF
    • Andre is not a start but he is a man with championship experience. He has as many rings as LeBron James. He is part of the reason Lebron lost 3 of those rings. It is getting closer and closer to the finals and games are becoming more and more meaningful. Andre will be on the floor more even if it is only for his defense. This man can score as well. Did you see the dunk the other week?
      • Expect Iggy to score about 25 fantasy points today.
Players to keep in mind: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jae Crowder,  Brook Lopez

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