Tuesday, August 25, 2020

8/25/2020 - Fantasy Basketball Daily Picks


  •  High Cost Pick: $11,000 Luka Doncic PG/SF
    • We told you to pick Luka last game and many didn't listen. Luka made everyone listen with his game ending and 92.75 fantasy points. It would be smart to pick him tonight. He is definitely become more comfortable in this series and realizes he deserves to be here. There is a lot at the end of the tunnel and Luka doesn't want to lose this series. 
      • Expect Luka to get around 65 fantasy points tonight and a triple double.

  • Middle Tier: $6,700 Mike Conley PG
    • Mike Conley has been money since he has come back. He cost $6,700 and will get you around 40 fantasy points. His last two game he went for 39.25 and 38.5 fantasy points. Oh and by the way he only played 25 minutes in the first game. The Jazz are looking to close out the Nuggets and I expect Conley to be out there pretty much the whole game. 
      • Expect Conley to put up 40 fantasy points today.

  • Budget Pick: $4,600 Seth Curry SG
    • I actually don't love any pick here. If I had to choose a player I will take Seth Curry because honestly at his price, he does exactly enough to give you what you need for his cost. He also has games where he can blow up. He will play roughly about 30 minutes and if he is on fire those threes come pretty easy to him.
      • Expect Curry to score about 25 fantasy points today.
Players to keep in mind: Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Paul George

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